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"In his inspiring book, Robert Hershey calls for a new way of thinking, a new pedagogy of transformation. Our economic models, he argues, are projections and arrows when they should be circles. To define perpetual growth on a finite planet as the sole measure of economic wellbeing is to engage in a form of slow collective suicide. To deny or exclude from the calculus of governance and economy the costs of violating the biological support systems of life is the logic of delusion. His book challenges all who teach to recognize that there can be no meaningful prescription for a better way of living that does not incorporate in its very essence a respect and reverence for the natural world."

Wade Davis   Author, Anthropologist, Explorer

"Professor Hershey masterfully informs us of the inanity and accelerated inhumanity of the forces of globalization as he reminds us of the countervailing potentials of optimism, resilience, empathy, the poetics of culture, and strengths of community."

Andrew Weil, M.D.   Author,
Health and Healing; Natural Health, Natural Medicine; 8 Weeks to Optimum Health


"Professor Hershey's EcoliterateLaw website is an essential resource for anyone seeking new approaches to knowledge and fresh insights into the multiple intersections between globalization, law, and cultural conflict in a post-modern, post-colonial and still colonized Indigenous world. Part through experiment, part eco-literary tour through the essential literatures of protest and provocation produced by contemporary writers and theorists of the subaltern in critical theory and practice, the "Toolkit" offered upon this site is a great place for teachers, students, and practitioners to begin designing and building their own law, business, or public policy professional school curriculum for ecological literacy in the 21st century."

Robert A. Williams, Jr.     Author,
The American Indian in Western Legal Thought: Discourses on the Conquest; Like a Loaded Weapon: The Rehnquist Court, Indian Rights, and the Legal History of Racism in America

"A rare blend of intelligent and meaty content in an elegant and visually powerful design. Robert Hershey has given us a generous gift providing curriculum and in-depth resources for educators intent on bringing ecological literacy into their classrooms. A marvelous effort."

Michael Ableman    Author,
From The Good Earth; On Good Land; Fields of Plenty


EcoLiterateLaw: Globalization and the Transformation of Cultures and Humanity is, in a word, important. Forcefully drawing from his own, many, rich experiences, Professor Hershey offers an inimitable work that effectively educates, enlightens, informs, warns, and inspires. With fresh perspective, Professor Hershey not only illuminates anew our present globalized condition, underscoring its enormous capacity for social injustice and inequality, but successfully undertakes the more daunting and difficult task of shedding light on ways forward toward a better and more livable future. The combination and synthesis of personal testament and practical resources is truly unmatched. If there is any hope for moving toward a more sustainable, ecologically just environment, it will come through projects of just this sort. I hope people will take notice of this unique "Toolbox" Professor Hershey has made available and will use it for the construction of significant projects of their own.

W. Ronald Gard, Ph.D., J.D., University of New Orleans