1. [Asian Development Bank (ADB)]:  A general description of the Asian Development Bank and the programs it initiates, oversees, and funds, such as immunization programs, water programs, hunger and nutrition campaigns, regional cooperation agreements, gender and development programs, etc.  The site includes statistics and data conclusions of the ADB, as well as reports detailing conclusions made and strategies proposed for various programs. 

2. [Academy for Educational Development] Founded in 1961, AED is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to solving critical social problems in the U.S. and the world through education, social marketing, research, training, policy analysis and innovative program design and management.  Areas of focus include health, education, youth development, and the environment.  The website contains a description of each of the main fife AED programs groups and includes information on the projects and initiatives undertaken by each program.  The site also includes annual AED reports, summarizing the problems and solutions they have undertaken over the relevant year.

3. [Africa Action]:  Africa Action is an organization that works for political, economic and social justice in Africa.  Africa Action provides information and analysis and attempts to mobilize the public to change the policies and policy-making process of U.S. and multinational institutions toward Africa.  The website includes information on Africa Action’s programs and provides copies of reports that have been published on a variety of topics, including debt relief, global health fund updates, and the African Union.  The site also contains links to other African Information and action resources.   

4. [socially responsible shopping]


6.  [Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation]:  The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is composed of 21 member economies of cultural diversity and varying levels of economic development.  Since its formation in 1989, APEC has expanded to become the primary vehicle for promoting trade liberalization and economic cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region.  APEC works toward “open regionalism”, using regional trade and investment liberalization to strengthen the multilateral trading system and expand the global economy.  This website provides information about APEC’s goals, its member states, and their collective action plans. 

7.  The Internet Archive

8. [Biomimicry Design Portal]


10. [Global Jurist]:  Global Jurist offers scholarly cyber-debates on issues of globalization, international law, legal anthropology, and law and economics.


12.  This a the English version of a German website called Buko Pharma Kampange.  The purpose of the site is to monitor and discuss the marketing practices of the pharmaceutical industry in developing countries and in Europe.  The website offers information on why the pharmaceutical industry might be causing more harm than good in the developing world and what can be done about it.  Although it is more limited than the German sight, it still offers some decent articles on the subject. 

13. BullFrog Films is a leading source of independent environmental educational films.  This site lists all of their films and you can order any of the films from the website.  The site also has information about upcoming feature films and their subject matter. 


15.  Access everything from the latest news articles from your favorite independent sources to senate roll call votes on this website.  This is an incredibly comprehensive database for news information and announcements.  You can access sources by periodical, columnist, and even look at a pretty thorough database of political cartoons.  This site is excellent place to go to catch up on current events using sources from outside the mainstream. 

16. [Carbon disclosure project]

17. [Center for International Development at Harvard University] Created under a joint effort of the Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Institute for International Development, CID is Harvard’s cross-disciplinary center for research on sustainable international development.  Includes downloadable policy papers, special reports, working paper series, research papers, and datasets.  Invaluable links to development organizations, including development banks, non-profit development organizations, government development agencies, research centers, relief agencies and more.  Includes information on events and seminars, such as the International Conference on Globalization of Research and Development, and includes downloadable conference papers and documents. 

18.  This is the website for Public Citizen, a national, nonprofit consumer advocacy organization founded by Ralph Nader.  Public Citizen’s goal is to represent consumer interests in Congress, the executive branch and in the courts.  The site offers information about upcoming consumer legislation and issues.  The safety and affordability of prescription drugs is just one example of the issues you will find on this website.



21.  Common Dreams is a progressive news wire that offers links to current sources on globalization issues.  Updates and statements from many activist around the world are offered on this site.  This is an excellent resource for research and to find more information regarding specific topics of interest.  A great place to find out more about important figures in globalization.

22. [America’s Progressive Community...over 120 groups linked]

23.  Commercial alert is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to keep the “commercial culture within its proper sphere, and to prevent it from exploiting children and subverting the higher values of family, community, environmental integrity and democracy.”  Offers suggestions on what companies to boycott or write letters to in order to influence their free trade policy.  The site also offers mission statements for the organization in specific areas (i.e. government, health) that can be reviewed before you decide to join the organization.


25.  The purpose of this website is to help inform and mobilize activists to work against corporate led globalization.  The purpose of the site is to organize and build grassroot movements to work for human rights, labor rights, and environmental justice around the world.  The site offers educational information along with information on how and when to get involved.  Corpwatch’s website is at the forefront of its fight against corporate globalization. 


27. [Center Science Public Interest]

28. [corporate Social Responsibility]



31.  The website for the Green Restaurant Association is all about dining in healthy, organic restaurants.  This site has a map of ecologically sound dining establishments and offers tips on how to operate an environmentally friendly restaurant.  This is a great site for those who love to travel but have a hard time finding places to meet their dietary restrictions when on the road.  Now you can order Dinegreen’s first publication to learn more about ecological impacts of energy, recycling, candles, organic food, recycled products, chlorine-bleached paper, genetically-modified foods, cleaning chemicals, and more.


33. [Earth Policy Institute]

34. [Subsidies]


36. [Environmental Defense Fund]

37.  The site for the Electronic Frontier Foundation is dedicated to protecting free speech in new technologic formats.  The EFF was founded to protect free speech on the Internet and its website includes links to pending legislation, as well as upcoming events for activists interested in this subject.  Also posted are articles and speeches regarding corporate activity with respect to free speech on the Internet.  You can subscribe to an action center to get current updates and the latest news.


39. [Encyclopedia of Energy]

40. [Encyclopedia of Life]

41. [Monitoring Power, Tracking Technology, Strengthening Diversity]

42.  Website for the Environmental Working Group, an organization whose mission is to give out information regarding cutting edge technology in the environmental world.  This is a great site for people interested in finding environmental friendly products and services.  You can also learn more about technologies that can be used on a widespread scale to help the environment.  They have reports from different scholars and agencies on topics like pesticides, drinking water and farm subsidies.  You can arm yourself with statistical data from this site.

43.  Website for Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, a national media watchgroup that criticizes media bias and censorship.  The focus of the website is expose soft journalism and encourage hard-hitting, accurate reporting.  Website offers a Women’s Desk and Racism Watch Desk to analyze the effects of sexism and racism in the media and to combat the marginalization of minority groups in the news.  You can sign up for an action alert with the organization or access alternative news sources.

44. [Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism]:  This website contains an incredibly rich number of resources related to globalism and capitalism.  The Online Global Reader contains a number of articles and exercises that explore the implications of globalization and the spread of capitalism.  The site also contains links to a number of articles and exercises, divided along various themes-corporations, the consumer, labor, the nation-state, population, hunger, the environment, indigenous peoples and ethnic conflict, and health. 

45.  Website for the Foresight Institute.  The Institute’s mission is to help new emerging technologies come together with humanity to improve living conditions.  Foresight focuses on nanotechnology, the possible ability to build materials and products with atomic precision.  The Institute uses the website, not only to inform, but to also improve public and private dialogue on the issue.  The site offers articles to help inform people about nanotechnology and its possible applications.



48.  www.globalideasbank.orgThis is a really fun website.  It allows surfers to post new and inventive ideas on how to solve some of the world’s problems.  There is an annual award to the best idea.  Global Ideas Bank is an interactive organization with the goal of using the ideas of everyday people in order to help prevent and repair some of the destruction of globalization. 

49. [Future Survey]

50.  This site provides information on logging, mining, and other development activities within and around the world’s forest as, or before, it happens.  One of the truly great features of this website is the availability of maps that chart the decline of forest acreage around the world.  It also offers links to publications and other information sources about the status of the world’s forest and the impact of development.  The maps are particularly helpful in showing the enormity of this problem.


52.  This website is part of a U.N. initiative to examine the difficulties of globalization, the challenges they create and the possible impact Global Public Policy Networks might have on them.  This is a good site to learn more about Public Policy and how nations share that type of information.  It is also a good site to look for proposed governmental solutions to the problems of globalization from an academic and real world perspective. 


54. [Environmental News and Commentary]

55. ( ):  This is the website for Trust for America’s Health, an organization whose goes is to protect public health from environmental health threats.  You can look up your state’s health statistics and for publications on health risks in your area.  You can also discover disease clusters in your state.  This is a good site for information linking environmental factors to health issues.

56.  This is the website for Human Rights Watch, an organization whose goal is to investigate and expose human rights violations, protect human rights, and help the world hold human rights violators responsible.  You can access information by country or by topic and track the progress of the international criminal court.  You can also get information about ongoing campaigns against human rights violation and sign up for a newsletter informing you about the organization’s progress and what you can do to help human rights.


58.  The International Forum on Globalization website is the product of sixty leading activists, scholars, economists, researchers and writers, representing 60 organizations in 25 different countries around the world.  The IFG is a think tank focused on dealing with globalization and educating the public about the consequences of economic free trade.  The site offers information about IFG’s activities as well as educational material on the World Bank and other globalization actors.      



61.  Website for Jane’s Information Group, which consists of publishers of periodicals further the public’s knowledge of global defense, aerospace, and transportation.  This site allows access to information about air, naval and land technological defense advancements.  This site will help you learn more about the products of warfare and how they are promoted.  This site has information about many types of military products and statistics.  For example you can access a crime center database to learn more about products and tactics used by police forces in different nations. 

62.  The Long Now Foundation was established in 1996 in an effort to promote measuring time on a slower and better level.  The purpose of this slowed time line is to promote better thinking.  How?  By fostering projects that develop over a longer time, the Foundation hopes that it will help creators and inventors to consider the impact and consequences of their proposed development in the long run.  There is a time chart on the website that shows the future projects of the Long Now Foundation and helps reveal their perspective on time.

63.  William McDonough is a world renowned architect who designs efficient, environmentally sound structures and products.  You can learn more about Mr. McDonough through this site and about his design philosophy.  You can also look access some of his speeches and learn more about his design firm.  This a comprehensive site for those looking for information on the “New Industrial Revolution.”  There are numerous articles to read about Mr. McDonough’s work and progress.


65.  The McLaughlin Group is a daily news show dedicated to in depth reporting on national and world stories.  The news hour is famous for its comprehensive story telling and for its great commentaries.  This site offers a chance to find out the station and time where the News Hour is aired in your area.  You can also review old news reports and comment on the stories covered and the panelists on the show.  If you are a fan of the News Hour this site will add to your enjoyment of the show and your understanding of the stories covered.

66.  This is an interesting website in its global activism since it focuses, mainly, on one perpetrator.  This site is dedicated to exposing the activities and wrongdoings of McDonalds around the globe.  As the website points out, McDonald’s spend $2 billion dollars a year on expansion and advertising.  The site offers a counterbalance to the pop culture icon.  You can access reports, news bulletins and contribute to a debate room. 


68.  This site is designed to offer educational information and information on available resources for consumers looking to have less impact on the planet.  The site is designed to help both individual and institutional consumers find the best possible products for a healthy lifestyle and planet.  The site offers a link to post your ideas and a link to suggestions for personal actions you can take to start living a healthy life and protect the environment.  Great site if you want to let AOL know how you feel about junk mail. 

69.  No Free Lunch is an organization made up of health care providers who want to get the pharmaceutical industry out of guiding medical care.  The purpose of the site is to inform both the public and other medical care professionals about the tactics used by the pharmaceutical companies to influence patient treatment.  You can access evidence that pharmaceutical promotion does in fact influence physician behavior and the ways in which this is counter productive to good patient care.  If you know someone in the health care industry or would like to discuss this problem with your own physician, this is a great site to get information. 


71.  National Resource Defense Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting natural resources and creating a healthy environment for all living things.  You can learn more about nuclear waste, clean air, global warming, and other environmental issues.  You can access environmental articles and look at the NRDC’s environmental fact of the day.

72.  The New York Book Review site offers reviews of books, articles, poems, etc., that covers a wide gamut of topics, from politics to the environment.  You can search their archives for a review of a particular book of interest or browse their current postings for books you might want to read.  You can also access other literary web pages and how to find the materials you are interested in. 

73. [One World] A consolidation of various One World organizations from around the globe, One World was established to promote human rights and sustainable development.  This website includes link to specific county One World sites.  It also contains editor’s letters and informational topics, such as ethical consumerism, fair trade, immigration, climate change, biodiversity, genetic engineering, land rights, and population.  Each informational guide includes a background of the issue and useful links that provide current updates involving the issue from around the world.  The site also contains publications, essays, and debates from a selection of think tanks that explore the latest topics in international human rights and sustainable development. 

74.  If you like the periodical publication Orion you should check out the Orion Organization’s website.  You can review the current issue of the magazine and order it online.  You can also learn more about the Orion Society and its dedication to grassroots organization and activism.  If you want tips on how to organize activities in your community this is a wonderful site.  There is a list of member organizations you can contact for help or information.  You can also check out the Orion Organization’s other publication, Afeild Orion. 

75.  Recent events have made this webpage all the more interesting and relevant.  This site lists the top paid CEOs in the country and their salaries.  It also has suggestions about what you can do about runaway corporate salaries.  Executive Paywatch is run by the AFL-CIO.  You can learn more about corporate affairs including how their stock is doing in relation to how their executives are doing.  This site has an action center and even a games link.  This site is a great source for information on how corporations are really run. 



78.  This site is pretty self explanatory.  You can get program listings as well as times and channels from the public broadcasting site.  This is a great source for educational materials and the really good news is you can make a donation all year long just by going on line.  You can also learn more about PBS and why it is so important.

79. [on-line Library of Books and Journals]

80.  This is the homepage for the Environmental Research Foundation, an organization whose main goal is to help people find information related to their fight for environmental justice at the grassroots level.  The hope is that this struggle will help democracy around the world.  The site is dedicated to fostering grass-roots action by informing citizens.  This site can even be accessed in Spanish.  The site has a great list of related organizations as well as other, more specific websites that might be useful to community activists.

81.  The homepage for the Rural Advancement Foundation International (now the ETC Group – Action group on erosion, technology an concentration) is designed to help in the development of socially responsible development in technologies and to the conservation of sustainable development in agricultural biodiversity to the benefits of rural and indigenous groups.  You can access publications in each of the sub-issues of the group, erosion, technology, and concentration.  This site also offers resources in Spanish.  The site also has a really great political cartoon link.


83.  [Resources for the Future]


85.  Redefining Progress is yet another progressive non-profit agency working for sustainable development in different public sectors.  The purpose of the organization and their site is to create public policy procedures and suggestions that create policies and tools that encourage accurate market prices, protect resources, and push for a sustainable economic system.  Like the other pages, you can access articles.  This site is a great place to start looking and thinking about solutions to some of the problems in globalization. 

86.  The Sightline Institute (formerly the Northwest Environmental Watch) is dedicated to observing the environmental status of a particular region and passing along that information to the public.  You can get information about sustainable communities and how your own region stacks up.  This site has proposed solutions like Green Taxes and information on how to get involved in creating environmentally sound communities.  It is a great web page for activists who desire working at the community level. 

87.  The Slow Food movement was founded in Italy as a reaction to the increased pace of life due to global economics and the influx of “American” style eating and restaurants.  At the center of the movement is the idea that communities should slow down and consider what, how, and when they are eating.  You can find slow food restaurants around the world on this site and access information about events organized by the organization.  If you like to eat this is a website definitely worth visiting.  It has a great link on what the organization calls taste education, which is sensory training for your mouth.

88. [Institute of Social Ecology]

89.  Although this site is primarily designed for teachers it is a neat place to search for materials on a variety of social issues.  You can purchase many great books and other tools at this site or find out what is new in the world of social studies.  This is an all encompassing site for the social studies buff and a site you should recommend to anyone you know in education

90. [Stanford Social Innovation Review]





95. Terralingua is an organization that works on an international scale to help preserve cultural and biological diversity.  The organization focuses on preserving the diverse languages of the world and also investigates the connection between biological and cultural diversity.  You can learn more about the many languages of the planet and about ongoing projects sponsored by the organization.  There is also a list of Terralingua's partners around the world and the work they are focusing on.


97.  This is the website for the national movement to have genetically engineered foods labeled.  The site offers information on the drawbacks of genetically engineered food and the importance of getting it labeled.  The site also helps you contact Congress to urge them to support measures against genetically engineered food and labeling laws.  You can also find out about activities the organization is supporting in your state.  This is a great site for information about the food you buy everyday in the grocery store.


99.  The Nation is a progressive weekly magazine that focuses on U.S. politics.  The magazine and its website are a great source for alternative opinions on major current events.  You can access articles, email the magazine, and order the publication to be delivered to your home.  Some of the world’s most prolific writers, theologians, academics and policy makers submit articles to this magazine.

100. [Too Much Coffee Man]

101.  Tom Paine is another progressive political magazine that goes outside the mainstream to cover stories in an in depth and less biased manner.  The publication tried to focus on stories that the major media outlets overlooked or missed or were just too afraid to cover.  Along with The Nation’s website, you can become very well informed on different issues of the day.  You can also make submissions to the magazine through this website.


103. [United Nations] Under the Economic and Social Development heading, there is information about the Population and Aging World Assembly, World Summit on Sustainable Development, and the United Nations Environmental Protection Agency, including the convention and treaties of UNEP.  This site also includes a number of interesting press releases on globalization. 

104.  The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural webpage offers a variety of resources in many different languages.  You can learn more about this branch of the U.N, read its mission statement, and look at proposed programs.  This is a good site for links to the webpages of other international organizations as well as the United Nations Homepage.  This is a great source of information about the United Nations and provides useful resources to figuring out what exactly the U.N. is supposed to be doing.  The site also provides some ideas about how to use the U.N. in a more efficient manner.

105.  [Most Clearing House-Management of Social Transformations]

106. [Green Guide]

107.  This website is dedicated to helping people overcome consumerism.  This is a must visit website for every North American.  The site offers an interesting mix of resource materials as well as informative suggestions on how to get rid of consumerism in your personal life.  For example, learn how to grow most of your own food and what companies have some of the most egregious behavior.  This is a site that attacks one of the most prominent prongs of globalization head on.

108. [Virtual Library on International Development]: An incredible collection of links and resources related to tissues in international development, including development and development aid, economy and finance, environment, human rights, international relations, social, cultural, and socio-economic themes.  Included within these topics are categories such as migration, urbanization, health, education, poverty, sustainable development, climate change, desertification, and water. 

109. The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University is a foundation set up to support academic research on international, transnational, and comparative topics.  It also supports research into policy analysis and the study of countries and regions besides the United States.  The site allows you to access past research topics and findings.  You can also discover more about ongoing research and projects that the Center is involved with.  The Center has several fields of inquiry relevant to issues of globalization.  This is a great site for academic research information.   




113. [World Bank]:  Provides a general description of the world bank.  Includes downloadable data, statistics, and reports that discuss poverty, health care, infrastructure solutions, natural resource use, and other topics.  Also includes country-specific information on development. 


115. [World Resources Institute]: A global think tank that combines research with practical solutions to protecting the earth and improve people’s lives.  Contains a number of well-written and insightful articles on a variety of environmental topics, including biodiversity, governance and institutions, business and economics, climate change and energy, agriculture and food, population and human well-being, and resource and material use.  Under the Earth Trends section, the site contains data and country-specific information for each environmental topic. 

116.  [World Resources Institute]

117. [World Trade Organization]:  General information about the WTO, including statistical data on world trade, annual reports and studies, and background papers on topics that the WTO addresses, such as agriculture, e-commerce, intellectual property, trade and environment, and trade and development.  Includes legal texts of the WTO agreements and dispute settlements.  Also includes interesting downloadable Position Papers submitted by NGOs on a variety of topics, such as “WTO and Multilateral Trade”, “Trade and Environment’s New Agenda”, “Developing Countries and the Multilateral Trading System”, and “Sustainable Development – The spiritual Dimension.”  There are also a number of downloadable WTO Working Papers that detail the results of staff research on a variety of topics.